Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome to Chickollage - the Chick Lit Collage Poetry Blog site.

Taking a break from the chick lit novel writing, I have immersed myself in the creation of Collage Poetry, and borrowed some themes from Chick Lit. Inspired by the timeless articles in Cleo and Cosmo, I realised that the dilemmas of today's chick have not changed over time...although today she must face the breakup by SMS or email rather than a face to face let-down.

It's relaxing, it's creative and it's fun, cutting up the mags, juxtaposing phrases and words and collating a poem which is both a visual and a statement at the same time. I'm enjoying myself...so much that I was surprised to win the Poetry competition of my writer's group last week with a collage poem called Yesterday, and come second with a collage poem called Sex and the Single Girl.

The plan is to have a collection of Chickollage by the end of the year - the perfect gift for an avid chick lit reader, a Reader's Digest condensed version of Chick Lit, our lives in fifty words or less.

And it will expand...look out soon for a CafePress site ... t-shirts, cards, tote bags.

Chickollage is here!

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