Monday, June 12, 2006

Blogger doesn't want to play

Last year was a crap year. We spent most of the year living in a crappy townhouse, backing out of the driveway when neighbours wanted to come out, putting up with drunken louts walking past and throwing beer bottles in the early hours of the morning, pollution and loads of noise from constant traffic. I never slept well there, even with earplugs in -- there was always a constant background noise intruding into my thoughts and dreams. And our world collapsed around us as well, the thing that we'd put all our energy into for five years was snatched away, and things got really nasty. My blood pressure hit the roof, and our time was spent scrimping to pay the creditors and the basic necessities.

I decided that this year was going to be much better - so I created a collage poem for the beginning of my diary. So far this year is so much better: we're in a lovely new house, back in the countryside, with a beautiful garden, a fireplace, a sun room which is my writing room, fresh lemons, mandarins and oranges. It's peaceful and I sleep so much better out here. Okay, so the drive takes 30 minutes to get to work each day, and it's fifteen minutes to the local supermarket, but that is a small price to pay.

I was going to post 'Best Year Ever' here today, but it seems that blogger doesn't want to add an image today. I click on the image box and nothing happens. Just ignores me. Like it doesn't want to know.


Meantime, I'm creating another collage poem: The Rise of the Bitch Club, just seeking the right words to finish it now.

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