Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Did I mean chocolate?

When I google 'Chickollage', it asks me -

'Did you mean: chocolate '

Well, no, I didn't - but now that you mention it,
a Caramello Koala or a Freddo Frog would be lovely.
Thanks. Oh the power of suggestion!

But Google does bring up seven entries linking to my two blogs:
this one, chickollage and Write on Track and NOTHING ELSE!.
Woo hoo! I've coined a word!

Google's attempts to interpret Chickollage as chocolate
reminds me of the time a decade or so ago when I was
typing up information about Romeo and Juliet.
Microsoft Word's spell checker was a lot less sophisticated then
- and it questioned the use of the name Capulet.

It's suggestion - copulate.

So of course, after that, I had to nickname
the characters Lord and Lady Copulate.

Of course, that suggestion doesn't happen anymore.
I have tried it since and the spellchecker doesn't even question it.
But imagine if I'd blindly accepted the spellchecker's suggestions
and all the theatre programs had been printed that way!

1 comment:

JC said...

well time has changed so everything has improved.... will it ask anytime 'Do you mean chickollage 'when you search for chocolate???