Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's your poison?

I haven't got a new collage poem at this point.
Maybe it's because we've got a lady coming in to clean the house
every couple of weeks, and I don't want her to be greeted
by word trails, or maybe, I've just been spending way too much time
surfing the net and reading other people's blogs
and being distracted by the on-line stuff.

But I'm on holidays now so it's time to be

thinking creatively and collaging again.

And as I am now giving up the black evil liquid known as Coke,

here is a poem about addiction.

What's your poison?

Serious Shoe Addict

What's your poison?
Whiskey and marijuana
Scheming Naked Guys

All those Little Things

We invite you to pig out
on whatever.

Speaking of addiction, check out Chocablog.
Chocolate is one addiction I refuse to give up.


Carly-Ann said...

Surfed here through Blog Advance and I'm so glad I did. I really love the work that you have displayed here. I'll keep checking back to see more!

Mamma C said...

Surfed in through BlogExplosion and really, really enjoyed this poem. Something in it just spoke to me. Great work!


Will said...

My poison is arsenic, though I sometimes use hemlock.

Diane said...

Mmm, hemlock is more Shakespearean - while arsenic is Agatha Christie.

My poison used to be coca cola. But i've given it up. I've been a month now without caffeine. And yet I can't sleep. Doesn't quite make sense.