Friday, April 06, 2007

Attractive Newcomer #6 of the 365 Collage Poetry Challenge

I'm back after my Easter weekend holiday. Before you blink at the date of the posting, I'm manipulating the dates to remain faithful to my collage poem a day.

As you can see from the photo above, I busied myself with collaging on my retreat. Far from the reaches of the internet, and forced inside by intermittent rain, I busied myself with my drawers of words. I have an elaborate system set up and it proved to travel very well. The yellow drawer holds all my black text, the green drawer holds all the coloured text, the blue drawer holds all the super-size text, and the pink drawer has pictures, little plastic ziplock bags with words that are congregating together through shared themes or ideas, plus my scissors and my glue.

A portable collage poetry factory.

Words, words everywhere....

And now for the first one off the factory production line...

Copyright 2007 Diane Curran
The Text
People said
Attractive newcomer
entertaining Rich
The Wine is Everything
You like him and he likes you
But keep your knickers on
It's up to you to mention his
Women Family Religious Beliefs
Could this be
too good to be true

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