Monday, April 02, 2007

Beyond the Cliche Day 2 of The 365 Day Collage Poetry Challenge

It's ironic that I cut up magazines, and use their text to criticise their content.

But I no longer support the magazine industy as an active consumer. I rarely buy magazines new anymore. If I'm only buying them to cut up, what's the point of buying them new when I can get a lot more second hand and compensate the person who shelled out the full price for them. And when I look at second hand magazines to buy, I don't even look at the stories. I look at the quality of the text. And older magazines are better than contemporary magazines. The Art Departments have just tried to get too fancy lately with overlapping text and graphics. I need my text plain, simple but evocative.

There was one word in this poem that I couldn't find in a magazine. I think it says something about the kind of magazines that I have to slice and dice.

The word was 'society' and I printed it out on the computer. A little cheat, I suppose - but it's only one word! Do you forgive me?


Copyright 2007 Diane Curran

The Text:
Beyond the cliche
A Deeper Side
She was angry, bitter and
She hated life.
Bingeing and eating disorders.
Body demons.
Who's to blame?
Magazines. Business. Society.
Young women under pressure.
We all want what we can't have.
The Perfect Guy. The Perfect Life.

Try ditching your criteria -
You might just find YOU.

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