Friday, May 04, 2007

Whoops: no poems

Whoops, I hit May 1 and then completely fizzled out. I could say I have collage block but that would not be true (anyway would that require collagic therapy?). I'm exhausted. It's taking all my energy to push the words around a page and to think a coherent thought. Work has been really full on, and today I had the 2 hour commute there and back to help out my father with his accounts, and then grocery shopping - ugh! Don't you just hate real life?

Need an early night now (if you can call 9.45 pm early) because Saturday and Sunday I'm doing a writing workshop on the 10 commandments of writing. I will catch up. Looks like it's turning into an average of a collage poem a day.

Back on Sunday evening.

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