Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ransom Note Winner & Ransom Note Diaries for sale!

I've been really slack and concentrating on writing and editing, updating the Chickollage shop, and my other blogs: so, firstly my apologies for my inattention to Chickollage and the ransom note competition to win a copy of the Ransom Notes Collage Poetry Diary produced by the Nambucca Valley Writers Group.

We have a winner: 'Hollivander'

And here is the winning ransom note:

Quite appropriate for the season!

Here are a few pictures from the Ransom Notes Diary launch!

The door to the box office is too tall for Lyn.

Jen, our president launching the Collage Poetry Diary.

Carrolline and Roby ready to sell diaries!

There are a few diaries left to sell, and I've put a couple up for sale on Ebay.

And here are thumbnails of the collage poems for each month:


New Beginning by Diane Curran


Breaking Up by Gill Chapman


The Journey by Diane Curran


Begin by Carrolline Rhodes


Cracked by Jennifer Gordon


Stalker by Jennifer Gordon


Secrets Talk by Jennifer Gordon


Stoic by Carrolline Rhodes


On Sale Now by Diane Curran


Magical by Lisa Milner


The Easiest by Jennifer Gordon

You at a Glance by Robyn Aiken

The Diaries have a week to an opening, and feature quotations from famous writers, ransom notes, flash fiction, haiku and other poetry.

I hope this very long post and pics make up for the weeks of inactivity on this blog.

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