Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New collage poems

Here is the first of my new black and white series in collage poetry. Now that I'm not thinking about how the colours relate to each other, I can concentrate on the words. And I guess people at work are getting used to seeing my desk covered in words.

I am working.


Copyright 2006 Diane Curran

On the other hand, Jennifer Gordon has been designing in glorious technicolour and I will be adding some more of her designs to the Chickollage shop very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy
The Dark Side of Jen - 'Stalker' is now available in the Chickollage shop on many items including t-shirts, greeting cards and fridge magnets. The poem also features in the 2007 Collage Poetry Diary.

Copyright 2006 Jennifer Gordon

I start Nanowrimo tomorrow. Maybe I can have my main character be a collage poet, which would certainly attract some taunting at school. And it could boost the word count. The story will be called Diary of the Future - the diary can include Collage poems. I may just have to raid the old Dolly mags and other teenage mags to find some suitable teenage angst.


cube said...

Collage poetry is an interesting concept.

The only experience with collages I have is with the pasta collages my kids bring home from school ;-)

Anonymous said...

Collage poetry. Never know it existed.

Matt the Hat said...

How is your WriMo going?

Billy said...

radical vibes.

mad said...

Very groovy stuff!