Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ransom Note competition closes 31st October

Only a week to go to get your entries in to the Ransom Note Competition. The best ransom note will win a copy of the 2007 Collage Poetry Diary, produced by the Nambucca Valley Writers Group, and to be launched at the Bowraville Theatre on November 18.

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I had planned to produce my own anthology of collage poetry (which was the catalyst for the idea of my writers group producing the diary) but I've made the task more difficult and pricey by producing all my collage poetry in beautiful glossy colour. So I bring you the practical anthology-you-have-when-you're-not-having-an-anthology: a 2007 calendar!

The Chickollage 2007 Collage Poetry calendar is now available at the
Chickollage shop. It features 12 full-coloured collage poems (one per month)
On Sale Now - The Perfect Man, the prize winning poems Yesterday, and Sex and the Single Girl, New Beginning, Love: the Perfect Weapon, The Bitch Club, 100% anticipation, The Journey, Chick Manifesto, Love Rat, The Fame Game & What's your poison?

The poems are collage poetry with words and phrases sourced from women's magazines - collage poetry with a chick lit twist. The poems cover all possible facets of a chick's life from relationships, sex, one night stands, addiction, creativity and jealousy.

I have started working on a collage poetry anthology but this time, to make the poems easily printable, I am working only in black and white.

But don't despair. I will still be designing for the Chickollage shop in both black and white and full colour.

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