Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The 365 Day Collage Poetry Challenge

I've been inspired by World of Cow where Stik produced a cow cartoon every day for 365 days, so I've set myself a daily collage poetry challenge.

From April 1, I will produce a new collage poem every day and this is not an April Fool's joke. I want to stretch myself and challenge my creativity even on the days that the muse wants to run and hide.

My only disclaimer is that I will not be able to post the poems every single day, as there will be days that I have no internet access such as Easter, but on these occasions, I plan to catch up with multiple postings, separately dated.

I'm thinking of having some sort of penalty if I don't meet my challenge. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, to warm up, I'll post the collage poem I completed at the Writers Retreat for my friend Jennifer, who is seeking a new life in Melbourne.

Here is Enough Already!

Copyright 2007 Diane Curran

Enough Already!
Bad Dreams
Alien Sighting
Life is really shit
Bugger it!
Enough Already!
Get Happy
Know thyself
Make an impact...
Write the word
Use it or lose it
Art is important
Tap into your gut instinct and trust your inner voice
Words to Fly By

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