Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do Not Disturb

Another poem from the black and white series. DO NOT DISTURB

I composed another poem last week during our writers' retreat. I hadn't planned on doing any collage poetry while I was away and I didn't take any magazines with me. However, I discovered an envelope full of words in the side of my suitcase, words I must've cut out when I was in Adelaide and composed a poem to cheer up Jen, who has moved to Melbourne, and hasn't yet found the life she was looking for. It's incredible how the right words were exactly what I needed.

I've purchased some old Dolly mags off ebay (from the 80's) because I want Nicky, the character from my novel Diary of the Future, to construct some more teen-angst collage poems. But I've yet to receive them. I emailed the seller two weeks ago and she said she'd send them in a couple of days but I'm still waiting.... Grrr!

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