Friday, April 13, 2007

Dead Blonde #13 of The 365 Day Collage Poetry Challenge

Copyright 2007 Diane Curran
The curse of the dead blonde celebrity mum
three men and a baby
'I slept with her' they say
'I think this is my baby'
DNA merry-go-round
The truth
Unveiled at last
She's got your eyes
and a lot of money
Congratulations Dad!

Well, I only just made it with 20 minutes to spare as it's 11.40 pm.

Sometimes it's the connecting words that take the longest to find. This one is dedicated to Anna-Nicole, may she rest in peace!


carrie said...

your collage is really cool

Diane said...

Thanks Carrie, I really enjoy doing the collage, is sends my thoughts off on interesting tangents.