Monday, April 16, 2007

Legends: #16 of the 365 Day Collage Poetry Challenge

I am so tired. Why? it's 5 minutes to midnight, I have Mondayitis, andI've been working hard to make sure that I would post tonight (against a background of Desperate Housewives, half an hour of Brothers and Sisters and Wilfred). So much for getting to bed early. There are still words spread all over the lounge. The cat decided to plonk himself on my lap while I was collaging but that was uncomfortable for me. Later he sat on the lounge behind me and looked at the words with disdain. But with so many words floating around, I already have a head start on tomorrow's poem. In fact if I glue the words down now, I could post it after midnight. Nah, I need sleep instead.

Copyright 2007 Diane Curran
Once they were very famous
day and night
She had known him through the centuries,
literary metaphor,
the stuff legends are made of
splitting the atom
up on his doorstep
Another great work of art
Now someone mourns the goddess
lost forever
Back with a vengeance -
Will it be a reunion of demigods,
mythology back to life

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wonderful! reminds me of burroughs cut-ups. very interesting!