Saturday, August 02, 2008

Long time, no collage

It's been a long time between collages...

but with Jen back in town and the Byron Bay Writers Festival to renew our mojo, new collage poetry was created.

Because Nicky, the main character in my story Diary of the Future creates collage poetry, I have been aiming to create poems that relate to teenage life. So I created the following about a teenage party:

Grin and party
Hot new hook-ups
Touchy-feely french kiss
too much to drink
spirals out of control
Let your lips do the
Slurring, staggering
The party is over

I didn't create the next one to be part of the teenage theme, but as I posted it to the blog, I realised that there was a natural progression in themes. Hee hee! Actually, I'd created the next one, because I was amazed at how many times the word 'pregnant' had turned up in my box of words. And 'pregnant and paranoid'? I just had to use that.

not pregnant
you're pregnant?
too stunned to speak
the horror

I'm hoping that this new spurt of collaging will result in a renewal in the desire to collage. As I said, I want a number of poems that will fit in with Diary of the Future, and with the news that now has a printer in Australia, a combined anthology featuring poems from both Jen and I is a real possibility.


Anonymous said...

I love the title/idea of 'Diary of the Future.'

Coincidently, I'm also working on (been working on--seems like forever) a collagepoetry book that's sort of a diary, but my main character's a suicidal woman.

Anyway, I enjoy your work. Keep it coming!


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